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website (desktop & mobile)


ui/ux design, styleguide


layout on figma, tokens & components

la collect  —  2021

At Studio La Collect, they're on a mission to make content production easier for small and medium-sized businesses by offering tailored subscription plans. Their plans are designed to meet clients' needs.

The studio reached out to me about designing the brand's new website, and wanted me to create a budget simulator that would show the client the price for what they requested. I wanted to make sure the process was short and easy, but also that all the options were clear. So, I created some guided steps that broke down the context for the client.

The client will first choose how many sessions they'd like per year, followed by the number of outfits they'd like to be photographed. After that, the interface will present them with a few options to upgrade their plan. Finally, we'll need their contact information and they'll be all set.

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